Highlights and new Features in Angular 11

Angular version 11 highlights according to Minko Gechev

In the last Community Q&A, Angular team member Minko Gechev lists the highlights for Angular version 11. He explained that Angular has an amazing philosophy of being an evergreen framework. This means that new features are only an ng update away - your code will automatically be migrated to support the newest features. You can enjoy faster builds, a smaller application and an improved developer experience without going through a painful update process. In the upcoming update the Angular team and contributors stay true to this promise and deliver some great improvements:

  1. Easier HMR (hot module reloading) support will be released. This makes it quicker to see code changes in your browser after changing. While HMR is currently supported already, it will be much easier than before. You will be able to enable HMR by using a simple flag.
  2. The Angular team has worked closely with James Henry (ESLint team) and the community to improve ESLint support and provide a migration path from TSLint to ESLint.
  3. There will be an opt-in preview for the Ivy Language Service - this means better type checking and autocomplete in your templates!
  4. Ngcc - the Angular compiler - will be up to 4x faster in Angular 11. This means you spend less time waiting for builds and rebuilds to complete. When profiling the Angular compiler, Angular contributor Joost had to make the Typescript compiler faster to improve Ngcc! This change will land in Typescript 4.1 - so when Angular supports Typescript 4.1 you’ll automatically get faster builds.

For a detailed list of all changes, fixes and additions refer to the official changelog and roadmap.